Spoken French Workshops

Need to learn the basics of the French language or brush up your current skills? The Business Assistance Program offers language training and practical tools focused on the service industry. Ideal for front-line staff and managers!

4 easy steps for registration:

  1. Pick your level: beginner or intermediate (Not sure? Give us a call and we’ll gladly help you determine your level.)
  2. Pick your classmates: if you can gather a group of 5+ people, the instructor will give the workshop at your location!
  3. Pick your date and time: workshops are offered from Monday to Friday. Morning, afternoon and evening hours are possible. Workshops may group individual participants from a similar industry (retail, hospitality, food and beverage, etc.), and will be offered when a minimum number of individuals have registered.
  4. Call us now to book your session!

Typically, participants attend one or two 3-hour sessions. These workshops are not intended to make you perfectly bilingual, but rather to provide you with sufficient knowledge to converse with your customers in both official languages. Remember: practice makes perfect!

Registration fee: only $10 per person, per 3-hour session. Please note that space is limited, and registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Have your staff registered in one of our French oral communications workshop;
  • Broadcast bilingual messages as well as French and English music on the public address system.


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