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The Business Assistance Program is at your service

According to a recent survey, a Partnersity of business owners want to serve their customers in English and French. They recognize the benefits of offering quality bilingual customer service. Business owners and front line staff also expressed a need for assistance in order to improve their bilingual customer services.

The Business Assistance Program offers effective, low-cost solutions:

  • Reduced cost for translation services
  • Spoken French workshops, tailored for the service industry
  • Help recruiting bilingual staff

Exceed your customers’ expectations by ensuring they can ask for and receive services in the language of their choice. A delighted customer is a loyal customer!

This survey will assist the RGA in better understanding how we may assist the local business community in offering services in both English and French in the region.

*This survey is for the businesses in Ottawa only*

What’s in it for you?
  • Reach a larger portion of your target clientele
  • Enhance the quality of your customer service
  • Exceed your clients’ expectations
  • Make your clients feel valued and respected
  • Increase your client base and establish client loyalty

Information: info@rga.ca

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