Recruitment of bilingual staff

Are you looking for staff members who can serve your clientele in both English and French? Let the Business Assistance Program help you find these rare gems. Take advantage of this no-cost service, with these great perks:

  • Your job description posted on WorkopolisCampus.com, reaching students and recent graduates of more than 200 colleges and universities across Canada
  • Your job description posted on the universities’ student intranets
  • Opportunities to attend networking events to meet with students and graduates
  • Receive resumes that meet your criteria

Inhip with the University of Ottawa Career Services and Université du Québec en Outaouais


Create a bilingual atmosphere by :

  • Recruiting bilingual staff;
  • Using fully bilingual signage inside and outside the store;
  • Posting an official languages symbol to direct clients to where they can be served in both official languages;
  • Ensuring that all documents are available in both English and French.

Information: info@rga.ca

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