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The Business Assistance Program is at your service

According to a recent survey, a Partnersity of business owners want to serve their customers in English and French. They recognize the benefits of offering quality bilingual customer service. Business owners and front line staff also expressed a need for assistance in order to improve their bilingual customer services.

The Business Assistance Program offers effective, low-cost solutions:

  • Reduced cost for translation services
  • Spoken French workshops, tailored for the service industry
  • Help recruiting bilingual staff

Exceed your customers’ expectations by ensuring they can ask for and receive services in the language of their choice. A delighted customer is a loyal customer!

This survey will assist the RGA in better understanding how we may assist the local business community in offering services in both English and French in the region.

Importance Of Having A Business Insurance Brampton

Owning a business is one of the best feelings ever. The sense of being your own boss and having no one to order you around is great. However, it is essential for you as a business owner to understand the risk that comes with your success and how to reduce those risks. It is, therefore, important to consider having a Business Insurance Brampton that will ensure that your company is well protected.

Although insurance can be quite expensive, it is an expense that every company needs to include in its budget regardless of its span of time in the business or its size. Insurance agency will make sure that they protect your organization from any danger and just in case a problem occurs they ensure that you are adequately compensated. For you to get the best Business Insurance Brampton, get a recommendation from friends relatives, the cost of the policy and experience of the agency. The following are some of the reasons why you should have business insurance.

Business liability policy covers accidents that may happen on business premises. For instance, a customer might slip and fall, or product might have defects and injure the client. If you do not have an insurance cover and such things, happen then this would cause you a lot of problems. It is even worse if a company’s car is involved in an accident and injures people. Therefore liability policy will ensure the people who are affected are well compensated.

Catastrophic loss can lead to the closure of business. Natural calamities like floods, fire, hurricanes have caused the end of many companies since they are things that cannot be avoided. When an organization insures the business against these kinds of losses, then closure is usually not permanent. A business owner should consider having business interruption policy that will ensure that your company had a flow of cash even for the period when it was temporary closed.

As a business owner, you should make sure that you have a personal and medical insurance that will ensure that your business finances will be wiped out just in case of an illness or an injury. Some medical problems are usually very expensive, and if you are not insured, they can make your business bankrupt if you become ill.

Most of the time, a new business is usually a target for thieves. In a new company, there are new furniture, computers and other office equipment that are of more worth than older products. Replacement insurance cover protects the business by replacing the stolen items and paying for the cost of repair of products damaged during the invasion.

We are living in a litigious society where businesses can be sued by individuals or other companies for various reasons. Defending a lawsuit can be very costly, and if it happens that the companies lose the case, then the awarded damages could be more than what the company’s capability. The company might risk losing its entire asset or even your personal properties. And so, when you have an insurance cover; the policy agency will cover some part of the damages.

*This survey is for the businesses in Ottawa only*

What’s in it for you?
  • Reach a larger portion of your target clientele
  • Enhance the quality of your customer service
  • Exceed your clients’ expectations
  • Make your clients feel valued and respected
  • Increase your client base and establish client loyalty

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